You’ve probably noticed that my internet presence has diminished greatly in the last two months. Some of that is due to the intense process of applying to graduate programs. But a lot of it has to do with writing taking up all of my time. Actually, I could stand to add a few minutes to every day or take some away from the pizza shop.

I took some time off from fiction writing for the applications and thus my ideas stacked up. I’m still working on a story that I came up with in December. I stopped submitting because I simply did not have the time. Now, I’m spending my nights working. (I even worked over the weekend, a rarity.) I’m sneaking in magazine queries whenever I have a free moment.

But things are good. I knew what I was signing up for when I made writing my top priority. I’d rather be too busy than not busy enough, because that would mean I was out of work and out of ideas. I cannot wait for the moment when writing takes up all of my workday. Pizza has been good to me, but I am certainly ready for August to come so I can put the days of riding the bus, smelling of garlic and flour behind me.

For now, I am back. You can expect more blogs and more tweets. I promise I’ll stop talking about grad school. I might even make a joke or two.