The path of a writer is not an easy one. There are more obstacles than anything else. Don’t worry, this is not another pity party for us writers.

This is a thank you card.

I am grateful for the life that I live. My parents are the type of people who are always happy. I watched my father, who never graduated from high school, get his GED and start his own business after he turned fifty. My mother went back to grad school at the age of thirty-six. She had my youngest sister the day after graduating. I was raised to be happy. My parents have supported me throughout my life decisions. All of which have contained writing in some way.

I write for my sisters. They are the ones that I want to impress.

I have the greatest friends in the whole world. They read my writing and give me feedback. They read this blog. They help me be a writer. They offer their copy-editing services for free. When you are a writer, you get used to receiving rejection letters. I am used to being told no. It is a great thing to be reminded that I can write, to be told that a piece of work is good.

There are people who do not know the influence they have in my life. The professor who watched my writing evolve over my college career. She gave me critiques, but most importantly she offered her encouraging words. My first English professor, simply wrote the words, “You are a legitimate Writer” on a paper. These words made me take my writing to an entirely new level. A family friend writes novels out of San Francisco. He was the first person to tell me to submit my work. He told me this at a time when I had stories written but had no idea what to do with them. He is the person who really got me moving.

There is my partner. She has been one of the greatest things to happen to me. She is always the first person to read a new piece. She has had nothing but encouraging words for me, even throughout the times when I have been an asshole. She is a musician. She has taught me that when you are an artist, you’re whole life must surround your art. She is truly a wonderful person, and I would be nowhere without her. Her family has been quick to accept me and my sometimes precarious career.

These are the people for which I am thankful. Without them I could not have made it this far. Without them I would not be able to put up this link to the magazine that has chosen to publish a story of mine. This is a big thank you to everyone who will ever read something I have written. I could not do it without you.

Read my story “In Search of Spare Change” in issue ten of 34th Parallel