When I began writing this blog last September, I had no grasp on the consequences that such actions would bring about. For the first time, I was making my writing extremely public. (I had written pieces for my town’s newspaper in high school, but I am still convinced that no one read those.) I had given myself a schedule, so when I strayed from that schedule, I felt guilty, so I stopped maintaining the blog.

I finished up my undergraduate degree last June and had spent the summer moving in Portland and camping in Montana. I got some writing done but nothing serious. This blog was going to be a way to keep me writing, but it was also going to be an escape from the novel which at times, was growing tedious.

I would write the novel at my desk in my office, and I would write the blog on my couch in the living room.
But as the months grew on, I began to love writing the novel, and I was no longer looking forward to the blog posts.

I began writing the blog at my desk.

I pinned these feelings on a couple of things. I had set up too many rules for the blog. I would always discuss writing. The posts had to be a certain length. The blog was also picking up popularity around this time. (Nothing too popular, but I was getting seventy hits a week.)

All in all, when I missed a blog post, there was a sense of relief. I could let it go.
It’s months later, I still get asked about this blog. People still wonder where my posts went. I miss it. Every time, somebody asks me when I am going to write another post, I feel the pangs of guilt strike my chest.

This is why, I am going to start posting again.

Things are going to be different here at AuthorByDay. I want to explore the readerly aspect of this blog, which means you might be able to spot the occasional book review (or beer review). I may post some of the ridiculous ideas I have. My writing has grown to a point of seriousness that I could use a place where I can take a break. I will still talk about writing, and drinking, and writing, and cooking, and writing, and living, but I am going to do it in different ways.

Stay tuned.