This is my first entry, so it only makes sense that I introduce what it is I hope to accomplish with this very small section of the very large cyber-universe known as the internet.

I am a writer, so you can be guaranteed that my intentions are completely selfish. I spend most of my mental energy thinking about writing. I need a place to expel these thoughts, and this seems to be the best forum at this time. As a fiction writer, I am used to trying to entertain my readers. This means that I spend most of my efforts actually entertaining myself, and hoping that this translates to others finding entertaining tidbits in my work.

I will not ask for much from you, the Reader. However, there is one simple thing you can do for me. Please, do not expect to be entertained. That way when you are (which I am absolutely certain you will be) it will be a surprise.

I’m not exactly sure that I have a clear vision of what I want this blog to become. I definitely have a rough idea, and I definitely know the direction in which I plan to take this irrelevant section of the internet, but the rest will be left to the writing. I plan to continue living my life as I normally would. It is my full intention to continue spending most of my waking life on my novel (which is turning out nicely, thank you). It is also appears to be in the stars that I continue my work at the restaurant where I cook pizzas (which also turn out quite nicely).

I have full confidence that this blog will take a life of its own. Creating itself while I merely get it started. Just like the fictional stories I write, I am planning on creating the premise for this blog, and then I plan on sitting back on watching it grow with the rest of you.

In some cases it is helpful to have context. I am, by no means, someone from whom you should take writing advice. (See how sloppy that sentence is.) I spend most evenings wallowing in the alcohol-induced dreams that rock me to sleep. I ride my bike just about everywhere. I enjoy the company of others, but sometimes I need to be left alone. I graduated from college with a degree in English, and now I am having trouble finding someone to pay my rent. (My partner is a musician, so no luck there.)

Some may say I have a strange way of looking at writing. I look at everything through the lens of my writing philosophy and often these comparisons are convenient at best. Of course this means I will be sharing every last comparison with you, the Reader. Mostly with this blog I hope that I learn a little something about writing and a little something about living.